Things To Do While Vacationing At Springdale

Golf in the Smokies is great! But believe it or not, there's lots of other things to do near Springdale at Cold Mountain that you and your family may be interested in. There is so much natural beauty everywhere... quaint towns to explore... scenic drives to take... outside activities like hiking, fishing and of course spectacular golf is available at your doorstep. Below are a small sampling of some favorites.    The Blue Ridge Parkway Go car hiking on the magnificent parkway! There are stunning vistas at the many overlooks. If you feel inclined to stretch your legs, hike on one of the countless trails including the Mountains to Sea Trail , the many trails of Shining Rock Wilderness and of Graveyard Fields .
  Visit Asheville  A half hour east of Springdale at Cold Mountain lies the beautiful city of Asheville. There are many things to do if you fancy a short trip into the city. Some favorites inclue the world-famous Biltmore House , the N.C. Arboretum , numerous shopping and culi

The Up The River Golfer

Written By: Jeremy Boone,   CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent   |   Jeremy and Family 1975ish Are you ready to take this journey? Really not sure where it will lead and what subjects may come up along the way. I suppose this could be like Star Wars and start in the middle of the story and then bounce to the beginning or just be a little ADD and jump around. So, as I sit down to type I paused and quickly researched golf blogs. What are people talking about in the blogosphere? Why do people take the time to read a few paragraphs from someone they have never met, never heard of or even seen? I came up with more questions than answers. What is the purpose of this blog? To entertain, to share Springdale with the world, to entice you to come visit, to put a smile on your face when you might be having a bad day, to provide me an outlet when it’s raining and we can’t be out on the course doing what I love. It can be a little of all of that and much more. Full Circle. You’ve heard life has some